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Phone Guide

Quick reference for the automated touch tone system at Bay Area Pediatrics:

  • 1 - Appointments
  • 2 - Dr. K's voicemail (non-urgent issues only)
  • 4 - Ms. Jaime's voicemail (non-urgent issues only)
  • 5 - Ms. Courtney's voicemail (non-urgent issues only)
  • 6 - Dr. Tierney's voicemail (non-urgent issues only)
  • 7 - General office information
  • 9 - Billing inquiries

Appointment Policy

We will make every effort to accomodate you with a convenient appointment time. We suggest that you contact our office three months in advance for your well-visits. Same day sick appointments are available. Should you find it necessary to cancel an appointment, we ask that you kindly give at least 24-hour advanced notice. An appointment cancelled without adequate notice, as well as missed appointments, may result in a "No Show" fee as follows: Sick/Re-check appointments $25.00 fee; Well Visits and Medication appointments $50.00 fee.

Financial Policy

Copays and outstanding balances are collected at each visit. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks.


Unless completed as part of your child's well visit, all patient forms for camp, daycare, school, sports, etc, require five business days for completion.  Your child must have a current physical on file (based on your form's requirements) in order to complete the form.  Parents should complete all other areas on the form in advance. Per child, the fee to complete a 1-2 page form is $5.00; $10.00 for forms 3 or more pages.  STAT forms are completed within 1-2 business days.  The fee for STAT forms is $15.00 per form.  There is no fee for requests for immunization records or medication forms only.  Immunization records can also be printed from the patient portal.  Contact our office to sign up.

Peanut-Free Office

For the safety of our patients who may have life-threatening peanut allergies, please do not bring peanut or nut products into the office. We appreciate your understanding and support.


Your prescriptions will be electronically submitted to your pharmacy. Requests for refills must be sent through the patient portal.  There is a specific message template for these requests.


The need for a written referral varies by insurance carrier. Should you require a referral to see a specialist, we ask that you allow a minimum of 48 hours to complete your referral.  For referral requests, please send the office a message through the patient portal.  There is a specific message template for these requests. Please be prepared to provide us with the specialist's name, address, phone and fax numbers, reason for visit, along with the date of your appointment. In most cases, we will be able to fax your referral to the specialist. Urgent and same-day referrals will be completed as appropriate. Unfortunately, we are not able to backdate or mail referrals.

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